Audit the purchases made in your mobile application.

Hackers have access to a lot of tools to perform IAP fraud. They can receive all the paid content of your game for free. We analyze the purchases made by your players and gather the receipts to process them individually in our servers. We can then separate the legitimate purchases from the fake ones and audit the robustness of your game against these attacks.

  • Validation of IAP receipts

  • Flexible, plugs into any data system


Know what’s hacked and from where.

Once the receipts are analyzed, we build thorough and comprehensive dashboards to analyze fraud in your game. These dashboards help you to assess the impact of fraud and where its localized. For example: what’s the revenue loss, what percentage of players are involved, are some regions more vulnerable, did the latest build fix the issue…?

  • Fraud-proofing your app

  • Understand where fraud is coming from to better fight it


Use the purchase validation to improve other models.

With the user granularity provided by the purchase validation, we’ll be able to build better machine learning models. This revenue data can be used to classify your users into user groups (non-payers, payers, whales …), calculate a better LTV based on those groups and even predict more accurately the churn across your player base.

  • Calculate revenue per user

  • Increase the accuracy of machine learning models and LTV calculations