Understanding what happened.

Businesses collect impressive amounts of data from numerous sources. In its initial form, raw data doesn’t offer much value without the help of data experts. At Exostatic, we summarize your data into a clear and understandable format to simplify further analysis. Our dashboards allow you to mine into your data to extract the pieces of meaningful information. We also aggregate large amount of data to show trends

  • Detailed sales report

  • Consumer’s engagement & retention

  • Marketing / UA analysis


Get an insight about what will happen.

With descriptive analysis, patterns stand out. By understanding these trends and the use of statistics, we create models to predict what comes next, allowing you to make wiser optimization decisions.

  • Predictive modeling

  • Decision Analysis and Optimization

  • Transaction Profiling


Having data is good, understanding it is better.

We have the knowledge to build from standard to very specific interactive visualizations for all your business needs.

  • Specialized in Google Looker & Tableau Software

  • Customized visualizations for your specific needs

  • Visualization are a living product that evolve with your business

  • Over 1000 visualization produced to date