Ensuring high-quality data collection begins by asking the right questions and is reinforced by stringent validation processes. We concentrate on pinpointing your key performance metrics and particular areas of interest, constructing a tailored and adaptable data framework that zeroes in on your most critical data requirements, while providing assurance of data reliability and validation.

  • KPI Definition

  • Event structuring

  • Event validation

  • Integration support


Before diving into data analysis, the initial step is the collection and processing of data. Our role encompasses overseeing your complete data pipeline, optimizing performance to make certain that the data you require is available precisely when it’s needed.

  • Data gathering

  • Pipeline automation

  • Data transformation

  • Machine learning


Our expertise lies in actively compiling, structuring, and distilling your data into actionable insights. By transforming data into a resource that paves the way for new possibilities and streamlines decision-making processes, we ensure that valuable information is accessible to all stakeholders within your organization.

  • Descriptive analysis

  • Prescriptive analysis

  • Data visualization


Each product carries its own set of intricacies and exceptions, which can influence the analytics integration process. We dedicate the necessary attention to rigorously test and validate every single piece of data. Throughout every phase, from integration to visualization, we are committed to maintaining the precision of your data.

  • Expert level data QA

  • QA reporting

  • Integration testing



At Exostatic, we empower CISOs (chief information security officer) and their teams by augmenting their capabilities with our specialized data security and infrastructure services. Collaborating closely with existing security operations, we leverage a diverse toolkit, including but not limited to AWS Inspector, to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities. Our role is to seamlessly integrate with your team, enhancing your security posture through our expertise and allowing your internal teams to expand their focus and efficiency. Here’s a list of tools we use frequently:

  • Continuous Security Monitoring: We conduct regular scans and analyses to identify vulnerabilities, ensuring data integrity and safeguarding against new threats.

  • Compliance Assurance: We help maintain your organization’s reputation and customer trust by ensuring that data handling and security measures comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Security Advisory: By offering strategic advice, we enhance your team’s capacity to manage operational workloads while focusing on strategic security planning and execution.

  • Educate and train your teams: Once knowledge gaps are identified, targeted and custom cybersecurity training programs can be put into place to empower and inform employees. This boosts employee awareness, and teaches them to recognize and respond to threats effectively.

  • Personally Identifiable Information: Validation of gaps in PII data protection and how PII is handled

  • Detailed Vulnerability Assessment: Comprehensive analysis to understand the severity of each issue, focusing on prioritized and strategic resolution.

  • Prioritized Issue Resolution: Focused attention on critical vulnerabilities first, ensuring high-risk threats are mitigated promptly.

  • Patch Management: Timely updates and fixes to software and systems to close security gaps efficiently.

  • Custom Fix Development: For unique threats without ready-made solutions, our team develops bespoke fixes to secure your data.

  • Collaborative Remediation Planning: Working in tandem with your teams to execute a strategic plan that aligns with your security policies and business objectives.




Unbiased external professional eyes

Regardless of your position in the development cycle, we meticulously review your builds or game design documents (GDD), providing a detailed report that pinpoints potential challenges and optimization opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that every feature is executed properly and functions according to design specifications.

For Free-to-Play (F2P) games, our emphasis is on Acquisition, Retention, and Monetization (ARM) features, but our expertise extends to offering valuable feedback on Game Design and UI/UX. We draw on competitive analysis to assist the team in devising a refined strategy that remains faithful to the game’s original concept.

  • Good practice to review each major build

  • Identify possible pain points before going live

Learn from successful competitors

We deconstruct the strategies of successful competitors and produce comprehensive documents that reveal their strengths and weaknesses. We then collaborate with the team to determine how these insights can be adapted to or avoided in your projects. The extracted values can then serve as benchmarks for your own design and strategy.

  • Helps plan launch and updates content

  • 100+ deconstructions done

Keep your teams up to date

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of gaming with our weekly and monthly updates. Whether you’re interested in console or PC games, our insights cover the latest trends, game releases, and industry news. Our updates provide a deep dive into the mechanics, design innovations, and market movements that shape the gaming landscape. Keep up with cutting-edge developments and get expert analysis to help you understand how these changes can impact gamers and developers alike.

  • Report in any format to fit your needs

  • Expert resource to iterate on the deck and provide insights

Keep your friends close and your competition closer


Gain unparalleled insights into the gaming industry with our comprehensive market intelligence services, spanning PC, console, and mobile markets. Our detailed analysis covers critical areas including metadata review, price point evaluations, sales history, and sentiment analysis across multiple currencies. We also provide robust sales estimations to give you a clearer picture of market dynamics. Whether you’re developing a new game or strategizing your next market move, our data-driven insights help you understand the key drivers across different platforms. Stay informed and make smarter decisions with our expert analysis of the constantly evolving PC, console, and mobile gaming landscapes.



Certified Excellence in Cloud Solutions

We are proud to be a certified AWS Provider, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to excellence in Amazon Web Services. Our team’s certification ensures that we deliver top-tier, scalable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

In addition to our AWS expertise, we are actively engaged in projects with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, further expanding our capabilities across multiple cloud platforms. This breadth of experience enables us to offer versatile, robust cloud solutions that leverage the latest innovations and technologies in the industry.

Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud, optimize your existing infrastructure, or innovate with cutting-edge cloud applications, Exostatic is your trusted partner. Explore how our certified professionals and diverse cloud expertise can transform your business today.

At Exostatic, we harness a wide array of platforms and technologies to deliver innovative solutions that drive success. Our expertise spans from established enterprise tools to cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to build tailored solutions that are both agile and forward-thinking. With a commitment to technological diversity, we empower your business to thrive in a dynamic digital landscape.



Founded in 2012, Exostatic Inc. is a Canada-based consulting firm that excels in providing comprehensive data management solutions, data security services, online gaming services, and gaming market intelligence. With over a decade of refinement, our processes and expertise are designed to integrate flawlessly with the development, operations, marketing, and security teams of our enterprise-level clients. We pride ourselves on being a dedicated partner, constantly evolving our competencies to align with your evolving business needs, effectively becoming an integral extension of your organization.

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