Expert Level Quality Assurance.

With years of experience in quality assurance, we track down even the most obscure edge cases and offer recommendations to guarantee correct tracking in these cases.

  • Hands on 1:1 event validation of data

  • Vigourous and targeted QA on even the most basic events, leaving no stone unturned

  • Completely unbiased, we won’t hesitate to look everywhere

QA Reporting

Clear, extensive & comprehensive.

Data bugs always exist and are influenced by various factors from development experience to complexity of the project or scope of the datasource. By providing detailed testing results, the team can focus efforts and prioritize fixes based on their impact to data.

  • Spend your effort where it matters most by pinpointing the most critical issues

  • Evaluate and document the risks and impact of each issue found

  • Plan for fixes within your capacity


Prevent problems, foresee edge cases.

By knowing where the issues are, we can be better prepared to handle edge cases that can’t be easily solved by the team. From duplication of events to missing cases or dates, we will do what it takes to handle even the most complex issues.

  • Data processing fixes at the source whenever possible

  • Complete transparency of cases