Business first, data after.

The first step in any successful data collection process is to understand the questions your data needs to answer. Building your key performance indicators from the ground up helps ensure you are gathering exactly what you need for your product and not filling the database with meaningless clutter.

  • KPIs for everyone: operations, marketing and executives

  • Specific and focused data stream


For all types of data streams.

Custom event structuring is a critical foundation for good, clean dataset. By layering custom events over your KPI requirements or product’s design, the event map helps ensure that every event being recorded is useful and is flexible enough to answer more than one question, in a format that is clear for any developer to follow.

  • Clean and efficient data streams without clutter or unusable events

  • Easy-to-follow event map for optimized streams


Accountable data.

By doing a 1:1 review of the events being collected and hands on walkthroughs of your product, we ensure that all data collected is 100% useful and accurate. Good data starts at the source, and with years of experience in QA, we help ensure that all of your edge cases and possible issues are reported and resolved before going to production.

  • No surprises, all events validated at the source

  • Close collaboration with teams to resolve issues before they happen

  • Cross validation of data at every step of the way


We’ve seen it all.

Leveraging our experience in analytics integration, we provide a direct line of support to all of our clients. From basic integration of analytics SDK’s to more complex cases of custom metrics, we take the time necessary to ensure you have everything you need to start getting good, clean data.

  • Around the clock development support

  • Introduction and kickoff calls including detailed integration requirements