Getting your data wherever it is, whatever format it’s in.

We interface with the data platforms you are already using and build extraction scripts to retrieve your data. Once it is extracted we confirm their validity and reprocess all of it into a single data format. We then centralize all the data sources in a single place so it’s ready to be aggregated, analyzed and exported for visualization.

  • Custom python scripts to access any data platform, type & format

  • We already have access to an exhaustive list of pre-built connectors

  • We can connect to existing data solutions


Hundreds of processes to go from raw data to ready-to-use.

We define with you the export frequency of the multiple data sources and the refresh rates of the dashboards. A pipeline is then designed based on those requirements and all the processes, queries and scripts are scheduled to minimize the calculation times. We also make sure to keep the pipeline design flexible enough to quickly integrate a new data source or product according to the evolution of your business.

  • Optimized pipeline managing dozens of tables, sources and outputs

  • Flexible pipeline to adapt to your needs


Raw data are useless if not properly transformed.

Once the data is imported, we apply a series of filters and processes to clean it. We prepare metadata and lookup tables to join relevant tables and data sources together. We then aggregate the data to whatever level is required to answer specific questions.

  • Combining your different data sources into meaningful tables

  • Creating clean tables for optimized analysis


When A.I. outperforms humans.

Depending of the use cases, we can apply a wide variety of Machine Learning Models to your data to extract insights. Predictive models can be used to model time series or predict user churn. Classification models will differentiate your users into meaningful groups, Sentiment Analysis can analyze users’ opinions and reviews to find improvement points.

  • Adapting models to your needs

  • Providing clear and precise reports