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But we do have our favorite combo:
Treasure Data + Apptopia + Tableau Software

Treasure Data has the tools & power to aggregate all the different data sources in one central location, including Apptopia’s competitor data. Then, Tableau software allows us to output it all in clear visual formats to meet every stakeholder’s expectations. If you already have a toolset with which you are satisfied with, we will gladly work with it as well.

  • We evaluate your technological landscape to maximize cost efficiency
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Where should you look?

Tracking everything is impossible, we help you define the
KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that will best suit your game.

In the F2P model, tracking data is one of the most important elements. It’s important to track what the players do so we can understand their behavior and adapt the game accordingly.
We send you a KPI document adapted to your game, indicating what elements must absolutely be tracked.

  • It’s essential to track the specificities of your project with custom metrics
  • Having your eyes on the proper dataset will ensure you see what’s coming
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No stone unturned.

We have the knowledge to build from standard
to very specific interactive visualizations.

We build multiple visuals to better understand what’s happening in the game. Once problems are identified, we provide clear feedback on what parts of your game are not having the expected results, and present you with actionable insights to improve the existing features and mechanics or to create new ones.

  • Having data is good, understanding what it means is better
  • We create reporting based on best practice while keeping in mind your needs and habits.
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Planning your next game ?

The F2P market evolves fast, we help you and your team stay up to date on what’s happening in your market space by providing Weekly Industry Updates.

Creating a game for a genre that’s slowly dying is naturally not a safe bet, but creating one for a game genre that already is over-represented might not be much better. We help you find the right balance between following the market trend and innovating. Taking into consideration the development time of your project, we assess the odds of it being commercially successful.

  • Stay on top of the market
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