We can analyze your studio, locate organizational
problems and offer multiple solutions.

We analyze your studio and help you optimize efficiency and communication by removing bottlenecks or unneeded overhead. By helping you clarify ownership of tasks and having well defined functions, we ensure resources are leveraged adequately.

  • We’re not bound by internal politics and only strive to make your product successful

  • We’ve worked with dozens of teams and seen what works and what doesn’t


Fine-tune your game with clean and insightful data

Please see our “Data Management” section for an in-depth view of our data services. When the game goes live it’s vital to look at how players are interacting with the game and how it’s performing. We manage the entire data pipeline by helping you identify what data we need and how it should be formatted, by extracting and parsing it, checking its integrity and finally, building visuals to answer specific questions.

  • We deliver data for everyone’s different needs: executives, producers, marketing teams, etc