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Learn from successful competitors.

We deconstruct games and provide comprehensive documents
to use as reference for both game and economy design.

By tearing down competitors, we analyze their strengths and weaknesses, the amount of content they offer, how and when they get players to pay and what levers they use to do so… This information can then be used to optimize your own project.
We deliver two documents: a “Presentation” document (pdf) which introduces the key features and a “Deconstruction” document which contains all the games values for an in depth understanding of the game and a dashboard for a quick overview of the metrics.

  • Great for new products
  • Very useful before Launch while planning for content update


Consolidate the foundations.

We review your GDD and make sure Acquisition, Retention
and Monetization levers are optimized for your game.

When going through your GDD we pay extra attention to the key elements of the F2P genre which are: Acquisition, Retention and Monetization mechanisms. We make sure each are properly designed, work well together and match your game’s genre/target audience.
We provide clear feedback and potential solutions which are then discussed with the team.

  • Great to have an objective assessment
  • Perfect solution to bullet proof the design before moving forward with production
Download a sample GDD review from Heavy Metal Machines


Experiment before you launch.

We build and balance an economy simulation in which you can explore how fast different player personas burn your content or leave your game.

We gather all of your games parameters and build a simulation to explore progression and monetization. Using “Oracle Crystal Ball” we try out multiple values and select the most efficient ones. We then deliver the balanced excel file with easily tweakable parameters so your team can explore other options if they wish. We naturally stay available to explain any parameter that may not be crystal clear.

  • Essential for all F2P titles
  • Ther earlier in the production cycle the more cost-effective this is


Staying/getting back on track.

We review all your builds to make sure all the features
are properly implemented and work as designed.

Whether we’ve previously completed a GDD review or are diving in to a project for the first time, we play through the builds and bring up everything that is not optimized or which doesn’t work as designed. From the tutorial to the pacing of the game including UI and the overall feel, we deliver extensive documents that highlight features that need to be tweaked. We offer solutions and competition references to help the team find an optimized approach that stays true to their game concept.

  • Good practice to review each major build
  • Identify possible pain points before they reach your players

Download a sample Build review of APB reloaded


Is your UI adapted to F2P?

We help make your UI user-friendly
and optimized for the F2P genre.

Given the importance of ARM features in the F2P market, we need to make sure the UI serves them well. The “In Game Store” is the most obvious example; it has to be easily accessible, clear and appealing to encourage players to become payers. We deliver documents that propose improvements to the UI’s accessibility, content and overall quality.

  • UI is the first thing your users will judge your game on
  • Ther earlier in the production cycle the more cost-effective this is
Download a sample UI & UX recommendations doc


In the F2P industry launching the game is just the beginning! To keep the game up and running it’s vital to keep a close eye on data and tweak accordingly. Need help there? We’ve got you covered!