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Leave it to us

We can spearhead your project from Pre-production
to Worldwide Launch and beyond.

Exostatic can oversee all aspects of your game development, acting as executive producers: either managing your development team or delegating its development to one of our partner studios.

  • Experience with AAA Brands
  • Managing multiple teams around the world
  • Very high availability and fast turnaround time.

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Staying on track

Tech Launch, Soft Launch, Worldwide Launch, we help you make sure each stage occurs as smoothly as possible and that you stay on track.

We deliver reports periodically that are both an analysis and an overview of the status of each launch. We make sure you’re on the right path to reach each milestone of your project and if not, offer solutions to help you achieve the goals that were set.

  • Daily status reports

  • KPI definition to move from Tech -> Soft -> WorldWide Launch
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Are your resources spent/used efficiently?

We can analyze your studio, locate organizational
problems and offer multiple solutions.

We perform on-site visits to help you identify if your studio has the proper structure for optimal efficiency and communication. Are the proper metrics in place to evaluate performance, is your team the right size and are they delegating effectively while still having ownership and a feeling of empowerment? By having clear ownership of tasks and well defined functions you can ensure resources are leveraged adequately.

  • Our loyalty is to your product’s success, we’re not bound by internal politics
  • Remove process bottlenecks or unneeded overhead

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Have you planned ahead?

Even before the production starts we can help you
figure out what it will take to make your game profitable.

We provide a complete simulation where we examine all the expenses required for your game (based both on your marketing information and our previous experiences), to help you understand what the main financial challenges will be as well as propose solutions to overcome them by creating visual forecasts.

  • Highly flexible excel based, Oracle Crystal ball enhanced P&L
  • Easy to use “what-if” scenario tool
Download a sample Financial Forecast